CEOs' top 10 investment countries and how easy is it to pay taxes there

Use the map below to see the ease of paying taxes in CEOs’ top 10 investment countries. For example:
  • Five percent of CEOs consider Canada a key location for growth, making it 9th in the top 10 investment countries
  • Canada is ranked 8th out of 185 economies for ease of paying taxes, making Canada is the easiest of the top 10 investment countries
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Overall Paying Taxes Ranking in

For overall ranking and data, visit the Paying Taxes 2013 microsite

Ease of paying taxes
(out of 185)
Number of payments
Time to comply
Total Tax Rate

Paying Taxes 2013 is a unique study from PwC, World Bank and IFC. The study investigates and compares tax regimes across 185 economies worldwide using a case study company, and ranks them according to the relative ease of paying taxes.