Tax controversy and dispute resolution: How PwC can help you

Our Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution network can help you gain a better understanding of your company’s risks and exposures--and manage your tax disputes, audits, and examinations worldwide. We can help you to implement consistent and defensible practices and policies.

Disputes arise throughout the entire tax spectrum, including international taxation, local taxes, transfer pricing, indirect taxes (such as VAT and GST), customs duties, withholding taxes, permanent establishments, employment taxes, excise taxes, tax fraud, and white collar tax issues. PwC has tax specialists to assist you in virtually every area of dispute. We combine deep technical knowledge across the tax spectrum, local knowledge, strong relationships with government officials, tax litigation experience, and a global perspective to provide you with unrivalled service.

Our Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution services are delivered in five key areas:

  • Tax dispute prevention techniques 
    We can help you develop sound policies and processes that can provide defensible models and help safeguard your organisation against audits and disputes.
  • Tax audit management practices 
    By understanding your organisation and its policies, we can help you effectively manage tax audits and examinations.
  • Tax dispute resolution alternatives 
    We can work with you, at both the local and international level, to implement practices that can reduce or eliminate prolonged disputes--or the likelihood of costly litigation, and leverage our expertise in virtually all forms of tax dispute resolution.
  • Global strategic planning of tax audits and disputes 
    We can help you develop global tax dispute resolution strategies that are consistent with your goals, and utilise a wide variety of key tax approaches. We can also help you develop strategies for establishing consistent tax positions and methods worldwide, and across a variety of tax technical areas.
  • Tax risk management, analysis and disclosure 
    We can analyse your various tax positions that may require financial statement disclosures, and help you develop sound policies and practices, including appropriate documentation and disclosure approaches. These proactive practices should provide a defensible approach and rationale, to safeguard your organisation against non-compliance penalties and other exposures.