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  • Below is an interactive table that shows the ease of paying taxes ranking and the four sub-indicators results for 190 economies.*
  • You can select the heading for each column to sort the data (in ascending or descending order). Note that some economies are tied and in the same ranking position.
  • Access the data tables in excel format on the World Bank's Doing Business website.


Note: Click or tap the Rank heading to sort the tables. Click or tap the other headings to sort the data in alphabetical order.
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Showing {{table1.bottomRow}} to {{table1.topRow}} of {{table1.totalRecords}} entities


Where an economy has no VAT system or no CIT system the relevant components of the post-filing index are ignored and the remaining components are averaged to create the post-filing index score. If an economy has neither VAT nor CIT, there is no score for the post filing index and the ranking is determined based on the other three sub-indicators only.

*There is no data for Somalia as there is currently no practice yet


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