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Want to know how your economy compares to others around the world? Try our interactive explorer to access, compare and view 13 years of data from 190 economies and all the regions in the study. Create your own peer groups to look at data from any single year of the study and see trends across all years.

Select the year (or years), an economy and/or geographic region and/or economic region and use the Paying Taxes data explorer to:

  • Discover and compare the total tax and contribution rate, time to comply, number of payments and post-filing index  in your economy.
  • See historical data and compare across 190 countries and over 20 regions.


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Ease of paying taxes:
Rank (out of 189)
Distance to frontier
Total Tax & Contribution Rate
Time to comply
Number of payments
Post-filing index
Currently the Paying Taxes data tool only displays
the distance to frontier data for 2016.
Profit TTCR
Labour TTCR
Other taxes TTCR
Corporate income tax time
Labour tax time
Consumption tax time
Profit tax payments
Labour tax payments
Other taxes payments
Currently the Paying Taxes data tool only displays
the post-filing index data for 2016.
Time to comply with a VAT refund (hours)
Time to obtain a VAT refund (weeks)
Time to comply with a corporate income tax audit (hours) Includes the time required to correct a corporate income tax error and, if there is a greater than 25% chance of audit/enquiry, the time required to prepare and submit information for the audit/enquiry.
Time to complete a corporate income tax audit (weeks)


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