Indirect taxes insights

Any business operating in one or more countries is confronted with indirect taxes, which governments, globally, seem intent on perpetually increasingly. We have an extensive network of indirect tax professionals in 118 countries, and have strong relationships with tax authorities.

BEPS & Indirect Taxes: PE definition vs. VAT establishments - recording available

With the release of the OECD's final package of recommendations to tackle base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) and the endorsement of the recommendations by the G20 Finance Ministers, the spot light will now be on the manner in which tax authorities take up and implement the relevant recommendations. Our webcast will cover the final OECD recommendations on Action Point 7 on permanent establishments and the knock on effects for indirect taxes in relation to recognising VAT establishments associated with those permanent establishments.

Webcast: Introduction of VAT in Egypt and update on Middle East - recording here

As part of Egypt’s five-year fiscal strategy launched in October 2014, a Value Added Tax (VAT) system is expected to be introduced in the second half of this year to replace the current Sales Tax. This webcast presented the latest developments with regards to introduction of a VAT system in Egypt, as well as an overview of the main features of the envisaged VAT system, and notably how it will differ from the current sales tax system, and will discuss the potential impact of the introduction of VAT on businesses.

Small change, big impact

The start of 2015 will bring the biggest single change to the European Union value-added-tax regime that telecom operators, broadcasters and others that provide e-services have seen in decades.

Shifting the balance: From direct to indirect taxes

Our latest tax policy publication provides a global perspective on the shift from direct to indirect taxes and the challenges ahead for business.

B2C 2015 VAT changes: What do they mean for you?

This PwC paper discusses a new 2015 VAT will apply to businesses that sell e-services to consumers within the European Union.

The impact of VAT compliance on business

Learn about Value Added Tax (VAT) - the world's most common form of consumption tax system - and equivalent sales tax systems implemented in 145 countries.


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