Global compliance services: Accounting services

Streamlined solutions for complex transformations
Streamlined solutions for complex transformations

Over their lifespan, most multinationals will find themselves in the midst of one or several large-scale transformations. It could be a centralising of the finance function, expansion into new countries, or dealing with change following a merger, acquisition, disposal or other transaction.

While a corporate transformation can and should be truly transformational, even under ideal conditions such a deep change poses enormous challenges and risks for the organisation. Not least of which are the challenges to your accounting function.

Connected compliance across the full spectrum of your operation

PwC’s highly skilled global compliance accounting team can help you retain control over your accounting compliance in the many countries in which you do business — with local expertise, familiarity with local accounting regulations, and visibility into any changes, present or planned, that might affect you.

Our accounting services include bookkeeping and monthly reporting, drafting, auditing and filing of local statutory financial statements, as well as access to skilled in-house accounting on assignment to work within your finance function, as needed.

We can also handle any non-core accounting activities such as transaction processing and basic reporting, freeing up your in-house finance and accounting resource to focus on higher-added-value activities.

A flexible, streamlined accounting solution

PwC offers a streamlined, global solution, connected across as many or as few countries as you require. This avoids you having to manage multiple service providers around the world.

Regardless of the nature of your organisation, finance function, or transformation, our approach is flexible and focused on your needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.