Global Goals Business Challenge: are you ready to take it?

We’ve launched a challenge to business across the world… to have a Board conversation about the Global Goals. Will your business sign-up?

Yes, I want my business to take part in the Global Goals Business Challenge

Tell me more. What is the SDG Business Challenge?

Imagine a world in 2030 in which business is a driving force behind solving major world issues. Having embraced its role in society and aligned its activities to the Global Goals, business has reduced its negative impacts and increased its positive impacts, supporting governments to achieve the Global Goals targets they committed to back in 2015.  In this vision for 2030, business activity is goal congruent with government targets to achieve the Global Goals.  As a result no one now lives in extreme poverty, there is decent work for all, economic prosperity is better shared, our environment is respected and protected, and much more.

It could start with one conversation.  Forward thinking CEOs will want to understand their business’ impact on the Global Goals and act on the insight, so it’s a conversation that needs to happen at the Board level.  It’s a conversation that will drive change so the right people need to be in the room.

What's the challenge?

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What does a 'good' Board discussion look like?

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Supporting you to rise to the challenge

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Why do SDGs matter to business?

The Global Goals are complex; and so is your business.  “Where to start?” is a question we hear a lot.  But pressure to engage will only increase over time – pressure from your customers, your buyers, and the governments of the countries you operate within. All will want you to evidence how you help or hinder the achievement of the Global Goals, and hear what you’re doing about them.

So the Global Goals Business Challenge could be the catalyst you’re looking for. Your business’ impact on the Global Goals could shape your long term strategy, support your dialogue with your stakeholders, and help to maintain or secure your licence to operate.  They are also a new framework to identify opportunities perhaps in new markets or create a demand for new or alternative products, and to expose risks too.

But, when your strategy is so important to the achievement of the Global Goals, what is your Board thinking about them?  A robust Board discussion on Global Goals is the first step to defining strategy and making change happen.

Tapping into practical advice

We want you to sign up, and are here to offer additional advice and support. 

You’ll find great content here to get you started on your journey to engage with the Global Goals and drive your Board discussion.  We have a diagnostic tool to help your business understand how its activities impact on the Global Goals to give you the insight to manage your impact.  The Global Goals Business Navigator looks at your current business strategy and immediate impact; helps identify future opportunities; and highlights how you align to government Global Goals targets of the countries in which you operate.  We can also offer support to structure your thinking ahead of the Board meeting, one to one guidance, and even facilitate your board discussion with you. 

PwC understands the Global Goals and with our years of working with business, we know how Boards operate. We have the breadth of skills and experience to support you.


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