The true value of water

One in three people today are affected by the growing scarcity of freshwater. If this trend continues, we’ll face half the world’s population living in areas with limited water access by 2030. Floods, draughts, shrinking glaciers are some of the extreme weather events which directly or indirectly affect us.

For business, water challenges go beyond the physical - regulatory and reputational risks, which lead to business disruptions, higher costs, and even loss of license to operate in locations experiencing water insecurity, are some of the associated risks.

But there are also opportunities. Companies that apply best practices are improving water measurement, management, and efficiency - across internal operations, supply chains, and in product use.

This report looks at:

  • water-related risks and opportunities,
  • options for water accounting and disclosure,
  • effective water management strategy options, and
  • interactions between businesses and communities as an essential component of effective water stewardship.