Adapt to survive: Explore the data


Talent Adaptability Score

We used LinkedIn and PwC Saratoga data to assess the indicators of an adaptable market, including the rate at which individuals switch between roles and sectors and employers. The resulting Talent Adaptability Score measures the adaptability of 11 countries.




Compromising on talent costs the global economy

Employers operating in less adaptable markets face not only a potential loss of productivity but also higher costs associated with the recruitment process. PwC Saratoga analysis illustrates the benefits that could be achieved by each country if it became as adaptable as the Netherlands:

Click the chart key to look at recruitment costs and productivity impact in isolation:



Visibility of talent is important

For an adaptable market to function efficiently it first requires visibility and then engagement between all participants – a marriage of flexible talent with opportunity.

We can see a strong correlation between the use of online professional networks and talent adaptability.

* Source: LinkedIn.