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When risk is inevitable, resilience is everything


In today’s fast-moving technology environment, it’s increasingly hard for enterprises to maintain full and up-to-date visibility into every component of their IT environment. It’s a problem that can cause significant risks and undermine an organisation’s resilience. PwC US New Ventures has innovated to provide the answer: Terrain Insights — a ground-breaking digital risk management platform. It was selected as a finalist in PwC’s Global Innovation Challenge 2019.


Setting the scene

Today, most enterprises are digital. Critical business services are not only digital in nature, they’re also increasingly dependent on a complex tangle of distributed applications, hybrid digital/physical infrastructure, and a combination of legacy code, modern Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, middleware, and databases.

Given these factors, keeping track of what’s actually been deployed in an enterprise IT environment has become a perpetual challenge. This is a problem that makes operational risk even more daunting—and many organizations urgently need a better way to achieve an accurate and timely view of their entire IT environment.

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"By clearly identifying and exposing IT/business dependencies and risks at a granular level, Terrain Insights empowers clients to make informed decisions quickly, building resilience into their business."

Roderick MurchisonPwC US

How we helped

PwC US New Ventures identified this issue —and envisioned a solution. Based on their deep experience and expertise in enterprise resilience, IT transformation and cyber security, they knew that what clients needed was a purpose-built, automated way to support resilient business service delivery. They could also see that achieving this would require technologies that enabled current and continuous visibility into the IT environment as it is today—the last 24 hours—not last week, last month or last year.

To meet these needs, PwC US New Ventures applied cutting-edge innovation to develop Terrain Insights, a digital risk management platform solution that provides a continuous, validated view of the technology elements that make up an enterprise’s critical business services. Unlike traditional asset-based, IT-centric technologies, Terrain Insights dynamically maps critical business functions, processes and systems, and enables continuous monitoring of every component of each IT service.

Terrain Insights can achieve all of this through three main lenses:

  • A top-down view of critical business services, revealing current-state relationships and dependencies, and helping all stakeholders align around a single, current, and authoritative view to enable digital risk management.
  • Resilience scores, providing a top-down view of critical risk-oriented issues, enabling business owners, IT leaders, cyber and risk professionals to better prioritize resources and workloads.
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of each critical business service, helping to identify components that are redundant or exhibit unusual behavior.

Impact and potential

By clearly identifying and exposing IT/business dependencies and risks at a granular level, Terrain Insights empowers clients to make informed decisions quickly, and provides a framework for building resilience into business services, business processes and business success. In doing this, the solution enhances enterprises’ ability to prepare for and recover from disruption—thereby helping to build greater digital trust throughout the global business ecosystem, an increasingly key component to building trust in society.

PwC New Ventures

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Sheridan Ash

Victoria Huff Eckert

Global Innovation and New Ventures Leader, PwC US

Sheridan Ash

Charlie Latch

Vice President, Sales, New Ventures, PwC US

Sheridan Ash

Roderick Murchison

Terrain Insights Product Lead, PwC US