Measuring and managing trust in your food: The food trust diagnostic

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The Food Trust Diagnostic

Do you have the right ingredients to build trust in your food?

Food trust describes the confidence people feel for the integrity of your food, and the promises you make about it. It can propel your organisation towards success or hold it back.

But is your corporate strategy focused on building trust in your food? Are the financial and brand benefits of a food trust strategy understood and defined? How is your strategy implemented on the shop floor, and with your customers and suppliers? Does your culture support this goal of building trust? Could supply chain integrity and transparency be improved? What technology and processes are you using to give visibility over your supply chain, back to the sourcing of raw ingredients?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone.

Before you can make a positive impact on the trust people feel in your food, you'll want to understand how you’re performing. 

That is what we offer with our Food Trust Diagnostic. We can lead a structured conversation with you to identify issues that could create or lose trust in your food brands. We’ll immediately diagnose how your organisation is performing – the positive and negative. And later, we’ll return to share a comprehensive report providing actionable next steps that will drive real business outcomes.

We would love to learn more about you – and learn how we might be able to help.

Trustworthiness influences the everyday buying decisions of consumers, and the buying decisions of food companies within your supply chain. It drives business performance and is a valuable organisational asset, which we can help measure, manage and maximise with our suite of Food Supply and Integrity Services. It's about finding competitive advantage by shaping a business strategy focused on disruption avoidance and growth.

We can discuss what you could do to build trust, change future levels of trustworthiness and achieve your strategic goals – taking an enterprise-wide view to drive brand and business performance.

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