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How the next generation of family business leaders are making their mark. 

Watch our Global Launch of PwC's 2017 Next Gen Study webcast

Launched on 20th September 2017 in Singapore, our Next Gen Study webcast hosted by Oriana Pound, Next Gen Club Director, also features Siew Quan Ng, Entrepreneurial and Private Business Leader for PwC Asia Pacific and prominent next generation family business members - Lari Raitavuo of the Ensto family business in Finland and co-owner and the CEO of Helsinking Originals Ltd, and Willy Afrin, next gen and Chairman of KoinWorks. Hear their stories, experiences and how they were able to successfully navigate taking the reins of the family business. Watch it again below.

Global Launch of PwC's 2017 Next Gen Study

Duration: 61:18m


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