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PwC sees what’s possible and can help clients make it a reality

Leading companies are reimagining operations 

The face of operations is changing rapidly, driven by global trends, shifting industry ecosystems, and groundbreaking digital technologies. This ever-evolving landscape presents new challenges and opportunities for operations to move beyond the role of cost-effective business enabler and become a source of competitive advantage.  Operations executives are being asked to change cost structures and increase productivity, and they must make those changes faster, safer, and in a more automated fashion to keep pace with competitors.

Our Global Operations Survey shows that 61% of operations leaders believe cross-functional collaboration has the greatest potential for helping the company reach its strategic goals.  By combining profound, cross-functional Operations knowledge with the latest technologies, analytics, and leading edge alliance partners; PwC is uniquely positioned to help clients achieve their goals and make transformative change a reality.

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Areas of focus

Customer operations

We help clients integrate customer engagement, service, and operations to create a distinctive customer experience that supports company revenue and profitability goals. Services include:

  • Customer strategy and experience design
  • Digital and physical service transformation
  • Marketing and sales operations improvement
  • Service centre operations improvement
  • Field service optimisation
  • Digital sales and service solutions
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    Innovation and product development

    We help clients drive innovative products and services to market while improving the speed and quality of the end-to-end development process. Services include:

  • Innovation and product strategy
  • Innovation operating model and network
  • Product portfolio and complexity management
  • Product development and commercialisation
  • Product management
  • Product lifecycle management solutions
  • Design-to-cost and value
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    Sourcing and procurement

    We help clients build a supply base with a highly competitive cost and service profile, and we help them turn procurement into a strategic, commercially-focused capability. Services include:

  • Category strategy and management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Direct material design-to-value and should-cost
  • Procurement operating model (organisation, processes, governance)
  • Digital procurement and source-to-pay solutions
  • Supplier relationship, risk, and performance management
  • Complex procurement support
  • Contract management and value realisation
  • Sourcing analytics
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    We help clients create competitive advantage by optimising the global value chain and manufacturing operations within that value chain. Services include:

  • Make vs. buy
  • Global manufacturing strategy and footprint design
  • Manufacturing operating system
  • Manufacturing operations improvement
  • Digital manufacturing
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    Supply chain

    We help clients develop supply chains that are tailored to the market and deliver superior performance (customer service, cost, asset efficiency, flexibility, sustainability). Services include:

  • Supply chain strategy and complexity management
  • Integrated business planning solutions
  • Supply chain footprint and logistics optimisation
  • Transportation and distribution management
  • Inventory and working capital optimisation
  • Reverse (post-sales) logistics
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Digital supply chain and analytics
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    Capital assets

    We help clients develop capital asset strategy, execute mission-critical capital projects on time and on budget, and optimise asset performance to achieve cost and service objectives. Services include:

  • Capital asset strategy and portfolio management
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Project governance, reporting, risk management, and assurance
  • Integrated project technology
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Integrated asset and work management
  • Asset reliability and performance improvement
  • Digital asset management and predictive analytics
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    General & Administrative operations

    We help clients align General & Administrative functions with their growth strategy and make General & Administrative cost and service management a core capability. Services include:

  • Enterprise services strategy and operating model
  • General & Administrative strategic cost reduction
  • General & Administrative transformation (people, process, technology)
  • Front, middle, and back office performance improvement
  • Intelligent process automation
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    Enterprise performance improvement

    We help clients build capabilities required to achieve operational excellence across their entire value chain, and we help design and execute broad-based programmes that drive sustainable improvements. Services include:

  • Global operating model design
  • Operations performance improvement strategy
  • Enterprise-wide process improvement
  • Operations excellence capability development and Lean/Six Sigma
  • Talent and performance management
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    Digital operations

    We help clients connect their products, assets, people, and processes in order to achieve breakthrough efficiency, flexibility, and growth. Services include:

  • Business and operating model innovation
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital platform design and analytics
  • Solution design and implementation
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    How PwC can help

    Operations can and should be a strategic asset, bringing together industry, functional and technology depth to close the gap between ideas and results. Whether it's strategically reducing costs, managing risk, innovating to drive growth, improving capital efficiency, complying with complex regulatory requirements, or realising deal value, PwC’s global Operations practice has what it takes to connect clients’ strategy with execution.


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