Cyber security

What are the issues?

Cyber security risks have dramatically evolved, but the approach businesses use to manage them has not kept pace. The traditional information security model – technologically focused, compliance-based, perimeter-oriented and aimed at securing the back-office – does not address the realities of today.

Cyber security isn’t just about technology and computers. It’s about protecting people, information, systems, processes, culture and physical surroundings.

Why PwC?

PwC will give you that confidence by helping you manage risks, while staying connected. We’ll help you:

  • shape a broader strategic response to cyber risk by helping you understand your current capability and putting in place a plan to target cyber security investment in the right places.
  • help you respond to actual cyber incidents.
  • advise on the legal issues surrounding breaches, data privacy and protection.

To target investment on what matters most, we focus on the six areas below:


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