Transformation Confidence: Helping you to get closer to your transformation programme

Many leaders lack visibility of the programmes they are accountable for and so don't have confidence in, or clarity about, whether they can achieve long- and short-term goals. You need to believe that the initiatives you sponsor will deliver the vision and strategy you have committed to. So how do you bridge the confidence gap?


Transformation confidence

Helping you get closer to your transformation programme

  • Is transformation confidence achievable?
    You need to be sure your programme can deliver on its commitments. This is not purely about a financial business case but also whether the organisation has the time, energy, capability and commitment to see the programme through.
  • Is it the right time to change?
    Many organisations attempt to deliver too many programmes in parallel and don't devote enough time to bedding down the change. You need to have confidence that the business can support more change and other programmes will not affect your ability to deliver.
  • Do you have the right skills available?
    Transformation skills are often in short supply. Your best people might be needed to drive forward the business as a whole, leaving you with the dilemma of extracting them and disrupting business as usual, or proceeding without them and compromising the ability of your programme to deliver the expected returns.

A four-stage process

  • Independent counsel - we provide 'programme conscience', including insight into progress, and challenge and support when making key decisions.
  • 'Total transformation assurance' - we engage at multiple levels, focusing on alignment to objectives and the quality of the outputs that support your desired outcomes.
  • Proactive risk identification - we help you avoid common pitfalls, and identify and mitigate risks before they become critical.
  • Pragmatic advice - we only ever make pragmatic recommendations to drive your programme forward - it's not a time for textbook-based answers when you are moving at speed.
  • Third-party point of view - we help keep your third parties honest and act as your critical friend when you need the comfort of another point of view

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Transformation Confidence: Helping you to get closer to your transformation programme

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