Agile Project Delivery Confidence

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Mitigate project risks and deliver value

In today’s competitive business environment, stakeholders are demanding better IT solutions and faster delivery of products and services to their markets. To meet these demands, organisations need to be adaptive and agile and they are, increasingly, looking to digital opportunities to differentiate themselves.

Agile Project Delivery can benefit your digital transformation by helping to build the right capabilities and realise the benefits of a project that is modelled around continuous improvement and organisational growth and evolution. 

Create value for your organisation with Agile Project Delivery

Agile Project Delivery is a value-driven approach that can give organisations the capacity to deliver high-quality work and create meaningful relationships with stakeholders by managing the development of new products or services in a highly flexible and interactive way, thereby increasing speed to market.

There are four key values that make Agile distinctive from traditional project delivery approaches. Embedded into every facet of Agile Project Delivery, these values set the tone for a successful result through a change in cultural mindset, incremental working prototypes, stakeholder collaboration and readiness to respond to change. 

Reduce project risks with Agile

Agile Project Delivery lowers risk by providing the opportunity to respond early in the delivery lifecycle. Traditional project delivery has high visibility at the beginning and end of a project. Agile, on the other hand, aims to reduce and mitigate risks given its ongoing visibility and continuous improvement approach.

It is an ideal way to develop solutions because Agile has built-in controls that ensure the product is driven by - and for - the business. 

The journey to Agile Project Delivery

Agile transformations are complex. Successfully designing, adopting and executing an Agile transformation requires significant planning, review and organisational readiness. Here's how we can support your team on this journey:

  • Provide Agile consulting
  • Conduct Agile maturity assessments
  • Perform programme and project risk assessments
  • Assess current Software Development Life Cycle and Agile methodologies
  • Develop controls frameworks for Agile projects
  • Assess control mechanisms
  • Help control functions to better enable Agile teams
  • Provide foundational and in-depth Agile training and ongoing coaching

Agile is changing the way organisations deliver and control projects. It requires a significant shift in practices and behaviours that affect all parts of the business. When done well, Agile Project Delivery will minimise risk, realise expected benefits and improve stakeholder management.

Agile Project Delivery Confidence

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