Confidence in the future

The future. It’s the topic on the mind of most business leaders. How will the future audit and other forms of assurance provide confidence to decision-makers in a digital world?

We’re shining a light on a range of themes from the future of audit, reporting and assurance to emerging technology in the finance function

At PwC, our role is to provide confidence to decision-makers. But as markets evolve and become more complex and new technologies emerge, how will decision-makers know which information to rely on? For users of financial statements, they depend on the audit. As we evolve, what does the future hold for them and for us? Increasing expectations are redefining what the audit of the future must deliver - ‘real time’, ‘on demand’, and even ‘predictive’ audits.

And as technology creates new ways of doing business, we foresee freer flows of information and new requirements for confidence in information. Will this be provided through assurance as we know it today? And how will this work with new technologies and the ability to collate and analyse huge volumes of data from multiple sources?

I invite you to join us in taking a hard look at what tomorrow’s world can and should deliver – for you, your stakeholders, the market and society.

James Chalmers, Global Assurance Leader, PwC UK

James Chalmers, Global Assurance Leader, PwC UK

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Here you will find the discussions and points of view from our Confidence in the future series. Come explore the future with us.

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