Green Deal signed on impact measurement in the Netherlands

14 Apr 2014

A coalition of 13 Dutch companies has agreed to measure their societal impact, in a programme officially called ‘The Green Deal: Working together on transparency of natural and social capital’.

Inspired by Total Impact reporting, the coalition partners – including AkzoNobel, Heijmans, Philips and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs – have pledged to create greater insights into their impacts along the value chain in their annual reports.

The companies will monetise those impacts and then report on them in an integrated manner, making a stronger link between the strategy and governance, and the non-financial performance and social, economic and environmental contexts in which they operate.

Participants in the Green Deal are starting out with a two-year programme focusing on:

  1. Supply chain analysis: mapping the supply chain and understanding the essential parties with regard to natural and social capital impacts and dependencies
  2. Monetising: investigating the possibilities, opportunities and risks of monetising the values of natural and social capital
  3. Integrated Reporting and value creation: developing the three fundamentals of materiality, value creation and impact measurement, and creating one common reporting language

“In our view, companies are reaching a tipping point,” said Robert van der Laan, Sustainability partner at PwC and initiator of the Green Deal. “Let’s stop talking and work instead on concrete deliverables that help companies in their...progress towards Integrated Reporting.”

Mr van der Laan also stressed that, to tip the balance to Integrated Reporting and the full measurement of ‘capitals’, the coalition had to focus on the three fundamentals outlined in the programme. He lauded the formation of the coalition, saying that it would help the development of reporting standards overall, an “ambition of the Green Deal”.