Corporate reporting

Comment and analysis

Davos 2016: What will it add up to for corporate reporting?

PwC’s integrated reporting policy lead, Superna Khosla, examines the trends.

Integrated Reporting research highlights trends – and disparities

Academic Pieter Conradie calls for further development of the IR evidence base

Seeing behind the numbers: a new approach to reporting risk and performance

Business leaders are reporting on a wider set of risk and performance indicators. Alan McGill talks about testing a model designed to build trust in the information released.

Helping businesses to implement integrated reporting

At the launch of a new Integrated Reporting guide, PwC’s IR policy lead Superna Khosla talks to World Watch

Integrated Reporting and the Strategic Report: a shared DNA

The difference between the Strategic Report and Integrated Reporting lies in the mindset of the reporter, but clear and relevant reporting is the shared goal.