Comment and analysis

Tensions and opportunities: an Assurance view of PwC’s CEO Survey

CEOs are concerned about the business environment, but developing strategies to stay ahead.

Interview: “Do you take the lead or do you follow?”

Australian Securities Exchange tackles the new auditor’s report.

PwC’s Global CEO Survey: How to lead in complicated times?

CEOs the world over are learning to lead at a time of prolonged and continuing uncertainty.

Interview: Boilerplate fears and bank audits top of the IAASB agenda

World Watch interviews asks outgoing and incoming IAASB board members about trust, challenges and non-financial information

Audit market regulation – what’s appropriate, what’s proportionate?

At a time of unprecedented scrutiny, it’s vital that regulators choose the right reforms to sustain and improve the audit market.

Auditor reporting – the sea change

Following extensive debate, we are getting very close to finalising the new audit reporting model. Diana Hiller sums up recent developments, reactions and remaining questions

Plain speaking! – Field-testing the new auditor’s report in Holland

PwC Netherlands have live field-tested the new-style auditor reports – read more about what they found out.

Better assurance for broader reporting – is there another way?

Corporate reporting is evolving, fast. How can the assurance model keep up? Diana Hillier and Ian Hitchen discuss innovation.