Corporate reporting: Is it what investment professionals expect?

In recent years we've all become keenly aware of the need to simplify reporting to create a framework that will promote healthy and vibrant capital markets. To do that, all critical stakeholders have to be at the standard-setting table; their needs understood, their priorities recognised.

But, while the views of the major corporates and the accounting profession are regularly shared with the standard-setting community, there's one vital stakeholder group whose opinions on the overall adequacy of reporting are rarely heard – the investment community. If you are not meeting their expectations, what impact does that have on their willingness to invest in your business?

We have taken a 'pulse check' on the adequacy of reporting for this key player in our capital markets. We discovered that, given the right forum, investment professionals are willing to accept their part in forging a reporting model more suited to the 21st century. This report will provide companies that are serious about improving stakeholders' understanding of their business with knowledge about the needs of the investment community and opportunities to improve transparency.

Corporate reporting: Is it what investment professionals expect