Integrated reporting – What is the IR framework and why is it important to all of us?

To find out why the integrated reporting framework – out for comment from 16 April until 15 July 2013 – is important, we discussed it with leaders who have different perspectives but a very consistent message: it’s critical for market stability and business survival – so please get involved!

What problem is the integrated reporting framework trying to fix?
Paul Druckman, CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council, shares his views on why we all need to get involved with integrated reporting and the risks if we don’t.

With so much going on, why should companies prioritise integrated reporting now?
Richard Sexton, the global assurance leader elect at PwC, explains why the framework matters, his vision for what it can achieve and what action to take now.

Why does HSBC think the integrated reporting framework is important?
Russell Picot, chief accounting officer at HSBC, explains why they joined the IIRC pilot programme, the risks of not being involved and the benefits they've experienced.