Is your business model safe without Integrated Reporting? Interview with Unilever

Charles Nichols, group controller at Unilever, tells Jessica Fries why integrated reporting is critical for companies and investors to be able to take a longer-term view of their business model and properly assess its performance. For a quick summary of the interview, see PDF download.

"We live in a very volatile world, where businesses such as Unilever face issues that need long-term solutions...I see it as inevitable over time that non-financial information will become an ever more important part of our corporate narrative.

There are enough highly publicised examples where companies have destroyed inordinate amounts of value because investors, and in some cases the boards, haven't really understood the business model and been able to ask the right questions at the right time."

What is the impact of integrated reporting on Unilever?
Charles Nichols, group controller at Unilever talks about how integrated reporting supports the business model and how it’s affecting decision-making already.

Are there any barriers to integrated reporting, and what is the role for assurance?
Jessica Fries asks what might stand in the way of adoption and whether assurance can play a part in the reporting of non-financial KPIs.

What is the investor and corporate appetite for integrated reporting – and what will success look like?
Charles Nichols talks about why business should pay attention, and discusses his vision of the corporate reporting ‘nirvana’.