Guide to key performance indicators (KPIs)


Guide to key performance indicators

Communicating the measures that matter*

Making KPIs work for you

Some aspects of the corporate reporting debate are causing concern among preparers of annual reports. The provision of a ‘forward-looking orientation’, in our experience, is a real challenge for many companies.

Narrative reporting is vital to the transparency of your company. And although specific regulatory requirements on corporate reporting continue to evolve, key performance indicators (KPIs)—both financial and non-financial - remain an important part of the information needed to explain a company’s progress towards its stated goals.

However, KPIs aren't well understood. What makes a performance indicator ‘key’, for instance? What type of information should be provided for each indicator? And how can it be presented to achieve effective corporate reporting?

Our guides to KPIs are practical publications that provide answers to these questions, and demonstrate what good reporting of KPIs looks like.