Global intelligence

Emerging markets are opening up huge new opportunities for businesses, from joint ventures, to mergers and acquisitions, to new export customers. But this world of opportunity brings a great deal of uncertainty. Do you really know who you’re doing business with? Are they the right sort of partner for your business? Are there alternatives?

We can help you assess the global risks to your business integrity, reputation and brand, by:

  • Drawing on a wide range of public information and proprietary data sources including corporate information, litigation, and sanctions data. We can find out who is behind your business partners, and what reputation they have.
  • Conducting multilingual internet, media, social media and blog research, to find out what’s being said.
  • Bringing in our extensive network of ‘people who know,’ both in our internal network, but also trusted sources from a wide range of backgrounds, industry and country specialists.

Want to enhance competitiveness and mitigate risk in your business operations? View PwC’s Global Intelligence Operations Center


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