Merger clearance and regulation

Global consolidation in many industries has led to a greater scrutiny by the competition authorities and a greater likelihood that business plans and strategies, particularly with regard to mergers, acquisitions and alliances, will be subject to their investigation.

In many industries, fewer but larger players are becoming dominant. Corporate activity, particularly across borders is subject in many instances to review to ensure that industries remain competitive.

Competition implications are now a significant aspect of corporate planning. In order to comply with the regulatory demands placed upon them, businesses need to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the economics of any market they are planning to enter, or the implications of a contemplated transaction.

When competition issues become subject to the control of the appropriate regulatory authorities, conditions may be applied to the approval of a transaction. In many cases this will involve a third party acting as a trustee to ensure that the actions required by the authorities are executed.

PwC has extensive experience of working with businesses to address the competition issues raised by their corporate strategies. Our economic analysis can help businesses to understand the implications of their plans and to make sure that the likely reaction of the competition authorities is understood and prepared for. Our global reach and the breadth and depth of our industry knowledge mean that we are able to assist clients with their global operations, wherever they take them, in the full range of industries.

If this is your situation

When the competition authorities rule that a particular transaction requires some part of a business to be sold or spun out to satisfy competition regulations, a trustee is required to make sure that the sale takes place in accordance with the ruling.

How PwC can help you

We act as trustees in many cases where a particular asset or division of a company needs to be sold as a separate entity. Our experience and extensive international reach mean that we are able to ensure that a sale takes place efficiently, in full compliance with the recommendations of the competition authorities.

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