Crisis management

In a turbulent economy, businesses need to effectively manage critical events that have the potential to cause significant business interruption and generate extensive media coverage. Whether you are an executive or owner of an organization that is experiencing a business crisis, or an adviser or lender to one, PwC can help you respond to and control the situation. We offer a broad spectrum of services-with the ability to deploy a cross-border team-on a moment's notice.

Business recovery services

PwC' business recovery specialists are trained to:

  • Rapidly identify problem areas,
  • Gain cooperation and consensus,
  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently, and
  • Implement solutions with sensitivity and precision.

PwC' experienced teams offer a full range of recovery services, from turnaround and restructuring plans to exit strategies. Our business recovery services practice is supported by PwC' wide and deep network of industry, tax, legal, and financial professionals.

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Dispute analysis & investigations

As the economic downturn intensifies, the potential for disputes and other difficulties inevitably arise more frequently. Such challenges often involve diverse cultures and legal systems, as well as unfamiliar regulatory and accountability requirements. Our dispute analysis & investigations practice combines financial accounting skills with investigative rigor, deep industry knowledge, and some of the most advanced forensic technologies available-all on a global scale.

Whether in the boardroom or the courtroom, our teams specialise in minimising business disruptions, financial loss, and reputational damage-and implementing effective remedial action.

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Disaster recovery

When a financial, natural or human disaster strikes, PwC's local teams mobilise quickly to provide a wide range of assistance. Our professionals are trained to respond with sensitivity and support to both the emotional and economic turmoil that such events create. Working with both clients and public sector resources, our professionals focus on restoring your organisation’s stability and operational integrity rapidly and cost-effectively.

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