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PwC's Dennis Chesley and Fiorella Iannuzzelli discuss what resilience means to PwC and why there is so much urgency around resilience today.

PwC's Dennis Chesley and Fiorella Iannuzzelli discuss how companies can harness technology and innovation in risk resilient ways.

Dealing with demographic shifts: But are you resilient? PwC's Dennis Chesley and Fiorella Iannuzzelli discuss a resilience strategy for staying on top of demographic shifts.

PwC's Dennis Chesley and Fiorella Iannuzzelli discuss how to navigate the emerging markets and shifts in consumer spending.

PwC's Dennis Chesley and Fiorella Iannuzzelli discuss the seismic shifts facing today's CEOs and the need to embrace risk resilience as the best route for navigating.

Between natural disasters, the financial crisis, and macroeconomic vulnerabilities, companies' supply chains have been rocked by several disruptions of late. And that trend is likely to continue, says PwC's Joseph Roussel, co-author of Strategic Supply Chain Management—Second Edition. In this short, informative interview, Roussel discusses why supply chains have become increasingly vulnerable, and offers specific tips on how companies can design and manage this critical strategic asset for resilience.

How can your organisation steer through the new operating environment risks? Hear perspectives from practitioners: Douglas D. Tough Chairman and CEO of International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc; Steve Holliday CEO of National Grid Group Plc. UK; Shikha Sharma MD and CEO of Axis Bank Limited; Peter Terium CEO of RWE AG; Larry Fink Chairman and CEO of BlackRock Inc.

Resilient dynamism was the theme of the 2013 meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. But what does resilience really mean for a public or private entity?

How does an organisation prepare itself to become resilient? What processes, systems, and resources should they focus on?

While most organisations tend to focus on immediate economic threats to their business, in an interdependent world truly resilient companies and entities must be prepared to drastically widen the horizon of their planning.

Resilient organisations recognise that how they respond to uncertainty is as important as how they control it.

It's no secret that society's trust in public and private institutions has declined significantly in recent years. And the road back will not be an easy one. That's because trust is slow to accrue and easy to lose, argues Lee Howell, managing director of the World Economic Forum, in this interview with PwC Financial Services Advisory partner Ellen Walsh. Trust depends on how stakeholders perceive the integrity of both the organisation and its leadership. And with the growth in public-private partnerships, trust and integrity will be more important than ever to the resilience of all parties.

Harvard Law School Professor David Kennedy and PwC Managing Editor for Resilience, Rania Adwan sit down to discuss the importance of integrity in building a resilient organization. A firm must demonstrate its commitment to core ethical values, willingness to do the right thing even when it is not in personal or organizational self-interest, and putting long-term considerations ahead of short-term gain.

Is your organisation able to anticipate and respond to disruption? Are social and environmental disruptions part of your plans? Scott Williams, Sustainability Network Leader for PwC Japan discusses what it will take to overcome the current crises.

PwC specialists Christopher Michaelson, Marie Carr, and Miles Everson discuss the challenges of risk resilience.