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Ask not what to do with all the cash, but what the cash can do for your company… in a risky environment

It’s not even a decade since businesses started amassing cash as a buffer against volatile markets. Now sitting atop piles of surplus corporate cash, corporate treasurers are asking what to do with it to make it perform. But the world today is equally volatile, argues PwC’s Peter Frank, and in this article he suggests some questions to ask first in guiding strategic decisions about cash.



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Who wants food regulations when growth is on the menu?

In early September, the US Food and Drug Administration finalised new rules that for the first time will require US food manufacturers to develop and implement detailed plans to prevent foodborne illness. How can they turn this requirement into an opportunity to grow and take advantage of change?


Quality healthcare for all

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Resilience builders

30% of CEOs see both more opportunities AND more threats. These are "resilience builders".

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Using risk, compliance and regulatory data to strengthen organisational resilience

As a result of risk, regulatory and compliance activities, financial institutions possess much of the data they need to strengthen their long-term organisational resilience.