Rising above the noise – A fresh look at what Brexit means for European businesses

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20 September, 2017

The prevailing uncertainty around Brexit makes it difficult for decision makers to prepare for the UK’s EU exit in 2 years’ time. In this video, Mark Smith, PwC Germany partner and head of EMEA Clients & Markets, discusses the potential impact Brexit will have on European companies and what they should do now to be well prepared, to manage risk, and look for opportunities within the uncertainty.


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Several months have passed since the UK and the EU started their preliminary talks. Tensions have been high between the UK and the EU, made more complex by factors such as local politics, specific interests and difference in negotiating styles to name but a few.

This is a difficult situation for businesses, both in the UK and abroad. Brexit will have significant implications across a wide range of areas, but many businesses delay developing a strategy for Brexit, hoping that the talks and negotiations will provide further clarity. This wait-and-see approach is problematic, as it reduces businesses’ flexibility and available options for the future. The clock is ticking and businesses need to act now.

PwC has built a global Brexit expert team that is committed to helping business and governments around the world understand the issues and manage the opportunities and uncertainties that Brexit brings. Further insights and expert opinions can be found here.


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