PwC rated as a Market Maker for Salesforce Globally

September 10, 2020

capioIT has released its " Global Systems Integration and Services Providers Capture Share Report – 2020".  In this report PwC is ranked as a Market Maker.

In regards to the Salesforce landscape, capioIT notes, “One of the most critical changes when engaging with Salesforce customers is the question is not “if Salesforce” but “how Salesforce” is to be used within the organisation. It is the default platform for Customer Experience, and as highlighted the benchmark for SaaS. Alongside AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, capioIT considers Salesforce to be one of the fundamental cloud-native platforms driving the future of enterprise technology and business outcomes.”

Speaking on PwC’s capabilities, the report states, “PwC has a strong capability to drive customer outcomes, loyal customer, and perhaps the highest level of integration into client executive leadership for Salesforce outcomes. These relationships are a key differentiator on the back of PwC global footprint and revitalised consulting. The top three PwC capabilities [are] customer satisfaction, delivery partnerships and salesforce ecosystem partnership.”

Expanding on PwC’s Market Maker rating, the report notes, “as is typical for PwC, the strength it offers clients is the deep industry experience, client leadership buy in and the focus on business outcomes. It also has a broad geographic spread that reflects the overall PwC strengths.”

“We are thrilled to be ranked as a Market Maker for Salesforce providers globally, recognizing the significant investments we're making in our important partnership with Salesforce, our industry-centric solutions and capabilities, and our focus on delivering customer success as evidenced by some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings."

Reggie Walker, Global Salesforce Alliance Leader, PwC US

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