ESG Pulse: Assess metrics for quick action

November 17, 2020

In a recent IDC Link commentary entitled PwC Helps Clients Measure and Benchmark ESG Maturity by Introducing ESG Pulse, IDC analysts highlight a new tool from PwC to help clients assess and benchmark environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs and reporting. IDC states that “As many organizations are still struggling with the variety of reporting standards and frameworks and requests from different stakeholder groups, digital tools [from PwC] can help companies prioritize reporting and disclosure activities and leverage data-driven insights for more strategic decisions regarding their ESG journey.”

ESG Pulse is just one part of PwC’s tech-enabled ESG solution strategy to enable meaningful and successful ESG programs and allow clients to deliver investor-grade information to the capital markets. Capital markets have shifted dramatically over the past twelve months, and large institutional investors are aggressively integrating ESG factors into their investment strategies. ESG Pulse provides visibility into how an organization’s ESG data and disclosure processes measure against industry benchmarks, showing progress over time and identifying opportunities for improvements and efficiencies in data collection, reporting, and disclosure.

“ESG Pulse is one piece of PwC’s overall commitment to accurate and transparent reporting in ESG programs to assist clients in responding to demands for more transparency from institutional investors, says Kevin O’Connell, PwC Partner and Trust and Transparency Solutions Leader. “In addition to the investor side, other constituents are increasing their expectations for trust and transparency as it relates to environmental, social and governance issues-- from customers to employees to regulators -- reinforcing the value of tools like ESG Pulse to a broad set of stakeholders.”

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