PwC is fully engaged in BXT approach

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01 October, 2018

PwC held its most recent Analyst Day in New York on September 13, 2018. TBR attended the event, held at the firm’s office on 300 Madison. Patrick M. Heffernan, Principal Analyst & Practice Manager, Jen Hamel, Senior Analyst, and Boz Hristov, Senior Analyst, of Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) were in attendance and produced a report on their experience.

PwC NY Analyst Day

Along with over 50 of their industry colleagues, the analysts from TBR were invited to spend time in PwC’s midtown offices for a unique experience, allowing the analysts to take part in real-life simulations and play with tech tools, providing them a true insight in to how PwC approaches consulting.

Client case studies demonstrated the embedded BXT approach, presenting holistic solutions that, while including a technological component, weren’t solely driven by how technology could impact the challenge, but rather focused on what solution would best support the client and how technology fits into that strategy.

Per the report, this strategy is well aligned with TBR’s findings, stating, “This aligns with one of TBR’s key findings from our research on digital transformation (DT) buying behavior: Vendors can drive more near-term revenue opportunity from leveraging cloud, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) to support clients’ current DT initiatives than by stoking hype around blockchain, artificial intelligence or quantum computing, unless there is a clear use case for those more emerging technologies.”

Similarly, data analytics were not the focus of the solution but an enabler to fix challenges throughout the client process. The report elaborates, “Data and analytics featured in nearly every example engagement, but in highlighting the business value generated by analytics and insights rather than the technical achievements of PwC’s data scientists, developers and IP solutions, the firm stayed true to its consulting brand.”

TBR also made note of the support PwC provides in change management, with an employee-first attitude to proposed solutions.

TBR observed the unique nature of PwC among the Big Four. Noting that the BXT approach was embedded throughout the larger firm and was causing the various territories and areas of the business to come together under this shared approach.

The analyst attendees conclude, PwC is changing and is committed to this forward-looking approach, stating, “the PwC professionals walked through messy collections of problems and ideas, challenging the analysts to see how reframing business and technology issues and seamlessly incorporating elements of experience led to outcomes more meaningful than traditional consulting solutions.”


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