Rethinking logistics operations – a strategic lever for companies to deliver their brand promise and business goals

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14 December, 2017

PwC is rated as a Vanguard Leader in ALM’s report on Logistics Management Consulting

In many respects, traditional logistics consulting is a mature market. Clients know and understand their issues, usually reducing costs and improving service levels within the four walls of the warehouse or distribution network and they use consultants for large standalone projects, skills augmentation, or an objective external perspective. Digitalisation and e-commerce, however, are driving new sources of consulting demand beyond a cost focus and toward a re-thinking of logistics operations as a strategic lever in helping companies deliver upon their brand promise and business goals. 

Logistics Management Consulting

The author of the report, Naima Hoque Essing, comments on PwC’s strengths, stating that “PwC assists companies in developing and implementing innovative logistics and distribution solutions that enable clients to execute and deliver upon their strategies in a dynamic digital economy.”

PwC is named ‘best in class’ for both ‘Strategy’ and ‘Operating System.’  The analyst opines “PwC captures the voice of the customer, industry trends and competitive analysis in designing differentiated global logistics and distribution networks that optimise performance while delivering on the clients’ brand promise, and helps clients solve complex supply chain problems using changes in process, people, and technology to better align the supply chain with overall business strategy.”

Naima goes on to say that “PwC embeds dedicated transportation & logistics expertise within its industry practices, supported by a logistics centre of excellence, which is responsible for the development of methodologies, tools and best practices across industries and offshore delivery centre for logistics analytics. It adopts a holistic, cross functional operational perspective to solve complex logistics problems collaborating with other functions to uncover the root cause of issues that often originate “outside the four walls.” In making changes, it seeks to infuse digital technologies that facilitate better alignment of the supply chain with overall business strategy, whether as part of a standalone engagement or as part of a larger scale transformation. In a concerted effort to become a one-stop shop for client logistical issues, PwC continues to deepen its service capabilities and build upon a suite of specialised data analytics applications and tools that help clients accelerate logistic optimisation.”  

Brett Cayot, PwC’s Logistics & Distribution Consulting Leader said:  “We are very pleased to be recognised as a leader in Logistics Management Consulting by ALM Intelligence.   Logistics is currently experiencing the largest change in modern history from developments in digital technologies to new market entrants and changing customer expectations - all resulting in new business models.  We are proud to be at the forefront of this change and leading the charge with our clients to transform their businesses and generate meaningful bottom line improvements.  Core to these changes is the linking of logistics across the customer, the end-to-end supply chain and back-office functions.  By working with our clients to bring these linkages with the right people, process and technology, we've been able to position our clients for the future, drive continuous improvement and ensure full realisation of their opportunities."

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