Frequently asked questions

What are the dates for the 2014 programme?

Planning is still underway for the 2014 programme, so delivery dates are unavailable at this time. As soon as the timing is defined and approved, they'll be publicised. Make sure to check back here on the website for updates.

Where will the 2014 programme residential sessions be held?

Planning is still underway for the 2014 programme, so locations and venues for the residential sessions are unavailable at this time. As soon as these are selected and approved, they'll be publicised. Make sure to check back here on the website for updates.

Who pays for the programme? What does it cost?

Programme participation fees are covered by your territory and include all of the necessary costs to attend (eg curriculum/diagnostics, accommodation, visa, flights). The exact cost is confidential and not publicised, however it does represent a significant investment in your personal and professional development.

Who can attend?

My GP is designed for high-performing, high-potential Sr. Managers/Directors. For more information on the exact criteria, please click here.

Can I nominate myself for the programme?

There is no self-nomination for the My GP programme. Nominations are made at the territory level by Territory Talent Councils. If you're interested in My GP and are eligible to attend, please contact your Territory Talent Leader or your local HR Representative for more information on your territory's nomination process.

How many participants are selected?

Approximately 150 participants are selected to attend My GP each year. The 150 are then divided into three classes, ensuring diversity across cluster, LoS and gender.

Are there any prerequisite Learning & Development courses for My GP?

There are no required prerequisite courses for the programme. You should, however, be relatively proficient in English if you're a non-native speaker as the programme is delivered in English.

What do you mean by diagnostics?

Much of the programme's curriculum is centred around in-depth assessment tools that consider, among others, your strengths, effectiveness and skills as a leader and your behavioural preferences.

Can my family attend the 6-week residential session with me?

Given the intense nature of the programme, especially during the residential session, you'll attend as an individual so you can truly focus on your personal and professional transformation as a future global leader. Further, the 6-week residential session includes both formally and informally scheduled elements during the week and on weekends, necessarily limiting your free time.

That said, a "long weekend" is planned into the curriculum where formally scheduled curriculum is very minimal. Families are welcome to visit during this particular weekend.

How much time should I expect to commit to the programme/curriculum during each stage?

Commitment and intensity vary by stage as follows:

  • Engage Stage - Approximately 2 hours per week
  • Trust Stage - Approximately 1/2 day per week on average*, plus the Weekend Away residential session
  • Stretch Stage (6-week residential session) - 100%
  • Empower Stage - Approximately 2 hours per week

* This timing only represents the on-average commitment during official working hours. You're likely to spend additional personal time on your strategic project work.