Create Momentum by Impacting Others

The My GP programme formally comes to a close after 10 months, but that doesn't mean the responsibilities you have for learning and development end, too.

For you, post-programme, this means reflecting on your experiences, honouring your personal learning strategy and continuing to push your growth boundaries. It means living and leading in a way that maximises your fullest potential and puts into practise what you've learned to create the greatest value in all that you do. It's maintaining a curious, appreciative and values-based mindset. And it's bringing to life the PwC Experience and Brand by being your whole leadership self (grounded in your purpose, vision and beliefs; emotionally, mentally and physically sustainable; and fully aware of the impact you have on others).

For your teams, clients, profession and communities (referred to at My GP as your 'family tree'), your post-programme commitment lies in influencing, inspiring and leading the learning and development of those around you. It's an opportunity of a lifetime to affect not only PwC's but your own legacy as well by nurturing growth and change at personal, professional, organisational and even societal levels.

When viewed as a cycle (rather than a finite experience as in the previous tab), you'll see how you can impact the momentum of personal and professional transformation at a grander scale.

As you cycle through the My GP stages a second time, you'll Engage your 'family tree' by sharing the stories of your programme experience and seeking commitment from them to set off on their own development journey.

Using your My GP learnings, mindsets and toolbox, you'll deepen Trust with your 'family tree' and help them understand how doing so leads to the highest, most efficient levels of personal and team performance.

Next, you'll equip your 'family tree' to Stretch themselves by stepping out of their own comfort zones and seeking challenging growth opportunities.

In the final stage, you'll Empower those around you to lead their own 'family trees' through the transformational cycle of growth and development.

Throughout all stages, you'll continue to find value from and use the My GP learning enablers, most specifically the coaching and reflection techniques you've learned. And you'll encourage your 'family tree' to find benefit in them as well.