Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce

Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce

Mining companies have large workforces with diverse skills and operations, often in numerous locations across the world. Relocating employees (and their families) overseas, often to developing countries where both living and working conditions are challenging, adds a further dimension and complexity to recruiting and retaining a workforce with the requisite skills and experience. The aging workforce, downturn in students from mining fields such as mining engineering and geology, and socio-political challenges such as HIV in the workforce and legislation regarding black empowerment present just a few of the HR challenges that mining companies are facing.

The above issues were difficult enough to deal with in bull markets, but the global economic downturn presents further business challenges around production, capital efficiency and cost-savings (including managing headcount). The ability to recruit strategically and retain key employees and scarce skills in mining companies is more important now than ever and is imperative to the future of the industry.

How PwC can help you

With more than 5,000 experts in over 100 countries, PwC’s human resource network forms one of the world’s largest HR advisory organisations. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to advise clients on all aspects of people management. Access to our Saratoga modelling capability and vast databank of workforce and HR metrics allows us to underpin our expertise with hard data. Saratoga is highly recognized as a world leader in the field of HR metrics and analysis, dedicated to the premise that intelligent measurement is fundamental to performance improvement.

Our HR advisory services include:

  • Employee communications
  • Employee financial planning
  • Employment law
  • Health and welfare benefits
  • HR strategy
  • International assignments
  • Performance management
  • Retirement
  • Reward and share plans