Global Mining capability statement

The game has changed in the mining industry, characterised by:

  • Demand continuing to be stoked by strong growth in emerging markets;
  • Supply being increasingly constrained as development projects become more complex and are typically in more remote, unfamiliar territory; and
  • The cost base of the industry experiencing permanent change as lower grades, shortages of labour and increasing input costs take effect.

These are interesting times for the mining industry, with ever increasing scrutiny from governments, customers and other stakeholders. Growing demand, driven by emerging markets, highlights that supply will be the most significant challenge it will face. The shift in balance is a positive one for the mining industry, but it will not be simple and will require careful management.

PwC’s mining teams are comprised of passionate, experienced individuals who specialise in the industry. We actively involve ourselves with industry players of all sizes and contribute to the discussion on key trends and developments. We analyse each change to anticipate how it could impact your company and we assist our clients to best monitor and manage those changes. Our teams have the knowledge and experience to proactively address the challenges our clients face and recommend the best possible solutions. PwC is proud to have helped mining companies succeed for over 100 years and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

A leading advisor to the mining industry, PwC works with clients to provide business solutions tailored to their needs. PwC have in excess of 1,500 mining professionals across the globe located in all significant mining territories. Strength in serving this global industry comes from highly developed skills, experience and the strong interconnection we maintain among our global industry specialists. Our expertise, global coverage and track record lays with public and private mining companies and industry associations, providing our clients with solutions that add value to their business.