Corporate and commercial structuring


Fast-moving international businesses often re-organise their corporate structures and operations to take advantage of operational efficiencies and achieve cost savings. This may be accomplished via a corporate simplification exercise, designed to reduce and consolidate the number of entities the organisation has globally; a transformation in the way in which the business operates its supply chain, manufacturing operations or distribution network and the territories in which such functions are carried out; or a re-organisation of the way in which the group finances its operations. International groups need to consolidate new entities acquired and re-organisations prior to disposals are often required to package a business for sale.

Our dedicated network of corporate and commercial lawyers, covering over 75 territories, has developed considerable practical experience in advising international groups on such structuring transactions. Often working as a combined team with the PwC international tax network, we can ensure that projects are planned and completed with the necessary tax input, and taking account of all relevant corporate and commercial legal matters.

Our well connected team can respond quickly to issues as they arise, and tap into the knowledge and experience of their colleagues across the network, to provide workable solutions. All our lawyers have considerable experience working on international corporate and commercial transactions.

The PwC perspective

Our international corporate structuring lawyers work very closely with PwC's international tax specialists, helping them to develop ideas and solutions that have been considered from both a tax and legal perspective and going to market together to deliver a combined tax and legal corporate structuring offering. Our "tax aware" corporate and commercial lawyers ensure that structuring ideas are fully implemented from a legal perspective whilst taking account of all tax sensitivities and requirements in relation to the documentation required and logistics of implementation.

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