Commercial contracts


We offer a complete range of legal support in all aspects of commercial contracts, including:

  • drafting or amending distribution contracts (e.g., exclusive distribution, selective distribution, franchising agreements, agency or commission agreements);
  • drafting or amending other commercial contracts (e.g., manufacturing agreements, outsourcing agreements, advertising agreements, licensing agreements, commercial cooperation, mandatory agreements, referencing and purchase pooling contracts);
  • drafting the general conditions of sale and purchase;
  • checking the legal conformity of the commercial contracts relating to due diligence;
  • drafting the transactional protocols in order to settle the disputes between commercial partners;
  • representing clients before all commercial jurisdictions regarding disputes between commercial partners;
  • negotiating and drafting local and international commercial agreements in conformity with applicable laws, such as:
    • license agreements;
    • technical assistance agreements;
    • mercantile commission agreements;
    • supply agreements;
    • loan agreements;
    • franchising agreements,
    • distribution agreements;
    • manufacturing agreements;
    • maintenance agreements; and
    • distribution agreements;
  • amending commercial contracts (when necessary);
  • analysing its operations and determining which type of agreement is needed in order to support negotiations, and
  • analysing agreements in order to determine if they are in compliance with the applicable laws.