Commercial and consumer regulation


Our Commercial and Consumer Regulation practice provides advice to clients in a variety of consumer protection related areas (e.g., commercial, health, financial services). We can assist clients in reviewing and elucidating contracts, web contracts, terms of use policies and privacy statements. We can also review compliance of contracts with standard clauses (e.g., Give Back rights, products packages information, advertising rules, offer and warranty rules).

We also provide advice to our clients on how to:

  • execute valid legal contracting procedures (e.g., in electronic contracting transactions, long distance sales);
  • set up and administer alternative dispute resolutions systems (when choice of law or jurisdiction is possible);
  • comply with data protection obligations and information security standards;
  • comply with duties to reveal information to the consumer and to specially vulnerable groups;
  • generate the appropriate documentation for transactions (for evidentiary purposes);
  • secure proprietary information and IP rights;
  • fill in and record information with consumer protection authorities; and
  • conduct lobbying activities with standard setting bodies and governmental authorities.