Asset management


Wealthy individuals and families need advice from independent and trustworthy advisors, who:

  • have a deep understanding of the history and motivation of their clients;
  • can offer their clients financial, tax and legal advice, including conflict resolution (on a one-stop basis and with one, key contact person); and
  • have access to a unique national and international network of advisors, specialising in support for wealthy individuals and their families.

Our Private Client staff specialise in advising (supra) high net worth individuals, successful entrepreneurs, and top senior executives. We help to protect and grow their assets for future generations by means of:

  • highly qualified and independent legal and tax advice in all of their individual affairs;
  • integrated succession and retirement planning; and
  • on a local, national or internationally co-ordinated basis.

Our legal services for wealthy individuals and their families range from:

  • The design of contracts─which support bespoke and integrated succession planning such as cross-generation contracts, family governance constitutions or partnership agreements, marriage contracts, wills and other contracts of succession, the execution of wills, mediation, or the establishment of foundations and trusts;
  • to legal advice on the establishment of family offices and ownership structures, as well as investments in businesses, real estate and portfolios.

The PwC perspective

Our lawyers in the Asset Management network work closely with their colleagues in the European Private Client Solutions tax network of PwC and are members of the same network. This close relationship is very important, since we provide integrated advice to wealthy individuals and their families. And, regarding management advisory, we also liaise with the EMSN (European Management Shareholder Network) of PwC, of which some of us are a part.

Other PwC tax services complement our legal services for private clients, for example:

  • GCS for bookkeeping and asset controlling services;
  • HRS for any services rendered to senior executives;
  • FS for advising on portfolio investment ideas and products.