Doing business in Hispanic America

Hispanic America, which means Latin America without Brazil, represents one of the biggest population bonus in the world and a very important internal market, with enough purchase power if you know how to access the base of the pyramid, extraordinary work force and still cheap. Sharing the same language, social structures and a passion for soccer.

During the past year Foreign Direct Investment recorded surpassed US107 billion and expect to grow over 6 times in the next four years. While the international investment has decreased and even Brazil´s participation reduced by 3%, Hispanic America grew over 6.4% from previous year and expects to top FDI over US$560 billion accumulated in the next 4 to 5 years. The region is the second most important producer of oil & copper in the world.

It is a very globalized region: Mexico has over 12 bilateral trade agreements, comprising over 40 countries and most of the countries in the region have free trade agreements among themselves. The newly constituted Pacific Alliance, created by the governments of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, are working through their business council, comprised of their national business associations, to create a friendly business zone, simplifying and homologizing trade, migrations, health system, stock exchange and tax rules to maximize opportunities in NAFTA.

Huge investments are needed in infrastructure, whose government budgets are over US$460 thousand million, in national state owned oil companies, in financial sector and, very important socially, in health systems.

PwC Firms of United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico and all the Firms in South America, except Brazil invested in Centers of Excellence, leveraging regionally innovative, above and beyond, Management and Technology services, focused in 6 main industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Health
  • Telecom

This PwC initiative guarantees the direct interest and compromise of all our talent with the region.

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