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Growing profitably in complex new markets

About the Growth Markets Centre

PwC’s Growth Markets Centre (GMC) is focused on supporting companies successfully enter and expand profitably in emerging economies. The GMC comprises experts from across PwC’s network, dedicated to ensuring that companies receive the full benefit of PwC’s global expertise (including Strategy, Operations, Deals, Talent and Tax) to assist them in growing profitably in developing economies –ranging from frontier markets such as Myanmar, to more established ones such as China, India and Brazil. We help companies address the key issues they face in developing the appropriate strategies and business models to achieve profitable growth in these complex markets.


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Growth markets centre framework

Value proposition

Assessing the attractiveness of new markets/regions, identifying the right customers, and evaluating what products and services to take to market at the correct price

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Operating model

Establishing the necessary balance of global and local expertise to be able to source, manufacture and distribute effectively

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Financial & human capital

Addressing the softer challenges of acquiring talent, developing partnerships, securing financial support and appreciating cultural nuances

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Business environment

Acknowledging the complexities associated with a territory’s laws and regulations, including its political and economic stability

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Mindset & expectations

Linking all of this is the change in mindset needed to understand what it takes to succeed in a growth market

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