China's new silk route - The long and winding road

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Over the past few months, China has increasingly made headlines in global news, creating a constant stream of articles, background reports and opinion pieces on the state of the economy and the currency. In the midst of all these developments, it may have been challenging to keep an eye on China’s long-term goals, ambitions and initiatives; most notably, the significant efforts China’s leadership is putting into its ‘Going Global’ strategy, of which the ‘Belt and Road’ (B&R) initiative is an integral part. 

B&R is likely to shape both China’s national economic development strategy and international activities for the years to come and expected to feature prominently in China’s next five-year plan, which will be released this year. This initiative is not only restricted to China, but involves close to 65 countries, covering more than half the world’s population. While B&R is still at an initial stage, the Growth Markets Centre’s research and interviews provide preliminary insights into the initiative and the possible implications in China and abroad.

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