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Welcome to PwC in Africa

We know that value goes beyond a single engagement or a single result. It’s defined by a relationship born of an intelligent, engaged, collaborative process. We’re ready to help you realise that value wherever you do business.

As the largest provider of professional services in Africa, we have more than 400 partners and over 9 000 staff on the ground in 34 countries.

Our network of PwC firms on the continent covers the Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone speaking regions, enabling us to identify opportunities and offer tailored tax, assurance and advisory solutions for every business challenge. This is backed by our in-depth cultural and economic understanding of all key markets, and the industry and technical experience of our local and international teams.

We also collaborate with our wider global network to meet an increased demand for professional services, to support the growth in trade activity between Africa and the rest of the world.


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African Megatrends

Demographic and social change

50% of the world’s population growth between now and 2050 is expected to come from Africa. The world’s population is predicted to increase by 1 billion by 2050 with 50% of that figure expected to come from Africa. This, paired with the expected median age in Africa’s population to rise 25, gives way for a young and vibrant labour force ready to be accessed and utilised. The increased population may create an issue of strain on Africa’s resources, such as the demands on water supply and basic health and education needs. However, an increased labour market gives rise to greater employment opportunities which can therefore lead to a greater working population and allow for the increased investment in human capital to be translated to increased growth.

Shift in global economic power

Africa has the fastest growing middleclass population in the world. The rise in Africa’s middleclass has given way to increased African consumption which could translate to large returns for firms invested in the burgeoning continent. Increased consumption could also translate into firms requiring more workers to meet with the rising demand which would increase employment and further continue the cycle of increasing the scope of the African middleclass.

Rapid urbanisation

With rapid urbanisation, by 2025, there will be 12 megacities in Africa. With megacities being viewed as cities of a considerable size of over 10 million people, rapid urbanisation within Africa has led to a forecast of up to 12 being generated by 2025. This highlights the array of investment opportunities that will be available in Africa, as more people living in cities gives firms the chance to obtain a wider target audience.

Climate change and resource scarcity

As the world becomes more populous, urbanised and prosperous, demand for energy, food and water will rise. But our planet’s natural resources to satisfy this demand are finite. Just how finite is becoming increasingly clear. At current rates of consumption, we may have just half a century’s worth of oil and gas left. In Africa, climate change could reduce agricultural productivity by up to a third over the next 60 years.

Technological breakthroughs

Africa has the highest mobile broadband growth rate in the world. There are now nearly 900 million mobile phones in operation in Africa. There is now mobile broadband networks in many rural areas of the continent. Large network providers have captured the market and allowed for the widespread growth of the telecommunications sector within the continent. This presents a wide platform for the advertising of technological goods to be invested in and sold on the continent.

Our reach

PwC has a major presence in Africa, with offices in 34 African countries.

Working closely with the global network we have a long history of helping clients succeed in Africa.

Our experience, evidenced by our track record, makes a difference for our clients’ success.

Our exceptional ability to assemble multi-disciplinary teams from Africa and elsewhere in the PwC network allows us to fully address our clients’ needs and bring added value advisory services in Africa.

We therefore are in the best position to accompany our clients and help them assess their strategic options and optimise their projects in Africa.

Our teams offer a flexible approach, tailoring our services and deliverables to our clients’ needs.

Depending on the features and the difficulties of each project, we can mobilise joint teams between our on the ground professionals from our Africa offices and our African Business Group specialists across the global network, who have a long experience of working together in an integrated manner.

Our team has members with:

  • Specialist knowledge and practical experience of providing advisory services across Africa.
  • In-depth knowledge of each country context and economy.

For each project, we provide our client a single point of contact who is responsible for the overall coordination of the competencies involved in the engagement which ensures project efficiency.

Africa Map showing 9000 employees and 400 partners


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