The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016

Technology summary

In 2015, technology respondents detected twice as many information security incidents than in the year before. Many are addressing these rising cybersecurity threats—as well as new risks associated with the Internet of Things (IoT)—by implementing technologies such as cloud-based cybersecurity, advanced authentication and Big Data analytics. What’s more, most organisations have significantly boosted their security budgets to better support a resilient cybersecurity programme.

The Internet of Things to come

Technology businesses are leading the charge in IoT security. Almost three quarters have an IoT security strategy in place or are implementing a strategy. With good reason: Technology respondents reported that security compromises of IoT components like operational systems, embedded devices and consumer technologies skyrocketed in 2015. Many tech businesses are leveraging Big Data analytics to identify security threats, while others are linking analytics with cloud-enabled cybersecurity services like real-time monitoring and advanced authentication.

Advancing authentication to defend data

Almost all organisations have deployed on-premises authentication technologies to manage access to systems and data. In fact, roughly 70% employ software and hardware tokens to strengthen access, and two-thirds have adopted biometrics such as fingerprint scanners. Those who have implemented these authentication technologies told us they have helped improve confidence in their cybersecurity capabilities, fraud protection and security of online transactions.

The human aspects of cybersecurity

Because technology alone will not deter all cyber-risks, many tech companies are also focusing on the human aspects of cybersecurity. Increasingly, businesses are sharing cybersecurity threat intelligence and response techniques with external partners. Internally, Board of Directors have become increasingly more involved in cybersecurity issues, strategies and budgets.

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