PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO Survey methodology

PwC surveyed 4,410 CEOs in 105 countries and territories in October and November of 2022. The global and regional figures in this report are weighted proportionally to country or regional nominal GDP to ensure that CEOs’ views are representative across all major regions. The industry- and country-level figures are based on unweighted data from the full sample of 4,410 CEOs. Further details by region, country and industry are available on request. All quantitative interviews were conducted on a confidential basis.

Among the 4,410 CEOs that participated in the survey:

  • 2% of them lead organisations with revenues of US$25bn or more.
  • 3% of their organisations had revenues between US$10bn and US$25bn.
  • 18% of their organisations had revenues between US$1bn and US$10bn.
  • 33% of their organisations had revenues between US$100m and US$1bn.
  • 38% of their organisations had revenues of up to US$100m.
  • 69% of their organisations were privately owned.


  • Not all percentages in charts add up to 100%—a result of rounding percentages, multi-selection answer options and the decision in certain cases to exclude the display of certain responses, including ‘other,’ ‘none of the above’ and ‘don’t know.’

We also conducted in-depth interviews with CEOs from three global regions (North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific). Some of these interviews are quoted in this report; the full interviews can be found at

The research was undertaken by PwC Research, our global centre of excellence for primary research and evidence-based consulting services.

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