Communications Review: The B2B enterprise telco market: Selling integrated solutions requires a new data-driven approach to pricing

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In this article, we describe our perspectives and experience in helping global operators and other organisations with complex, configured product and service portfolios, take the leap to the future of pricing – thus delivering major benefits to the business. Large telecoms operators have grown through acquisitions and mergers, and often function much like an assembly of product-specific organisations, selling corporate buyers a variety of separate products and services, delivered and priced independently.

But today’s business customers are looking for broader solutions that address their business needs by integrating a range of products and services – connectivity, devices, tailored usage plans, and more – often on a flexible pay per usage or on-demand basis. As telcos shift to a customer-centred approach, many are still hampered by legacy processes and systems designed for the old product-based world.

And a key pinch-point is B2B pricing, an area where rising complexity and deal volumes are putting existing processes under increasing strain. The answer to improving process efficiency, and ultimately win rates, lies in reinventing and re-platforming B2B pricing by pairing data-driven, proactive and standardised deal pricing analyses with automated approval processes.

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