Communications Review: Network operators

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With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), a wide array of industrial companies – manufacturers, utilities, resources and more – are rolling out IoT-connected devices that interact with users very effectively and efficiently, enabling the creation of new models to generate value. At first sight, the best way for large telecoms operators and multi-service operators (MSOs) to generate value from the IoT might appear to be by providing connectivity via their networks. But think again. In fact, the IoT opens up a massive opportunity for telecoms operators and MSOs to reposition themselves as IoT access providers, offering a range of services and assets that extend way beyond the core pipe. Instead of leading with their networks, they can leverage their vast experience in customer engagement and customer premise equipment (CPE) support and their robust, proven back-office systems by offering their OSS and BSS platforms externally to IoT users, using their OSS to provide users with a turnkey platform to manage their equipment proactively in real time, and their BSS to support the related billing requirements. Ultimately, the IoT is about turning data into action. And telecoms operators and MSOs can monetise it most effectively by no longer thinking like a network, and starting to drive and grow their business based on their wider assets.

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